Capcom unveils its five-year plan

All of us have been in love with Capcom at least once. Street Fighter, Mega Man, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry and many other great contributions have left a lasting mark on gamers across generations.

However, during the last years Capcom made a lot of of wrong decisions and released many faulty games, leading everybody to ask the same question: what happened to Capcom?

O Capcom, where art thou?

2013 was the pinnacle of its failure. Monster Hunter 4 shipping 4 million units only 2.5 months after its release wasn’t enough to rescue the company, as the rest of its line up fell below expectations. Trying to adapt to the growing smartphone business, Capcom decided to use U$S39.1 million from Monster Hunter 4‘s profits to fund a new mobile studio.

In an attempt to address its latest missteps, Capcom has published a group of open letters detailing its business plan for the next 5 years. In Kenjo Tsujimoto (Capcom CEO)’s words,

From now on, I plan to hire at least 100 software developers every year to give us an even more powerful development workforce. Furthermore, I want to establish clear targets for these developers so they can help make Capcom even stronger.

You can find the CEO‘s full letter here, the COO‘s letter here and all the management objectives here.