Kinect, Korean Knight

Kinect, Microsoft’s motion sensor, has been used for many cool things outside gaming, including a Minority Report-style hand detection. There’s even a community built around Kinect’s alternative applications, Kinect Hacks.

However, in South Korea they have taken the endeavor one step further, and now the Korean military is using Kinect sensors to monitor the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), which separates North Korea and South Korea.

DON'T move!

DON’T MOVE! Unless you’re playing Fruit Ninja Kinect. In that case, go on.

Thanks to the programmer Jae Kwan Ko‘s efforts, the Kinect-based system can discern the difference between animals and people, alerting nearby outposts if a human is detected crossing the border illegally. Although it was installed in August, its existence wasn’t publicly known until now.

According to Ko, the system will be upgraded with heart rate and heat detection. I hope they don’t wait too much to add that; if not, how are they going to spot border crossing vampires?

Source: The Verge


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