Google Glass Gaming?

A group of Google developers prototyped 5 simple minigames to test some of the gadget capabilities. According to them, “with tons of tiny sensors and a screen that fits neatly above the eye, Glass is an exciting new place to play”. Here’s what they put together:

However, they aren’t the only ones to see gaming potential for Google Glass. Back in November, Niccolo de Masi (Glu Mobile CEO) told VentureBeat that he considers Google’s wearable device “a brand new paradigm for interactivity, so it’s a brand new paradigm for games”. In his opinion, it could even trigger another “iPhone moment”. His company has recently developed Spellista, a word game exclusive to Google Glass.

“My prototype is cheaper”

You can learn more about the Google Glass minigames here.

Source: Polygon


One thought on “Google Glass Gaming?

  1. “My prototype is cheaper” uahauhauhuahahauhuhauhuha

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