Gamers raised almost $2 million for charity

Back in November, digital retailer ran a one-week sale for charity. Gamers had to choose 3 or more games from a pack of 13, and pay at least $5 for them. Then, they had to choose a destination for their money: the World Wide Fund for Nature, Worldbuilders, or Gaming for Good.

According to a recent press release, the promo managed to raise $1.9 million in just a week. That’s… well, a lot. And it’s important to note that the huge amount of money was achieved thanks to all the actors involved:

  • Gamers, as they bought the games.
  • Developers, as they provided the games and didn’t receive any royalties.
  • GOG, as they not only gave up their share of the price, but also covered all extra costs such as taxes and transaction fees.

It’s good to know that these kind of initiatives are happening more and more frequently, adding a new purpose to gaming.

Source: Kotaku



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